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High Pressure Forged Steel Valve

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By selecting valve with a forged body the user automatically increases the safety and integrity of their plant and process equipment. It has long been known that forged valve are tougher, more resistant to impact, withstand higher induced pipe stresses and are more structurally superior to equivalent castings.


Most all small-bore pressure seals bonnets are equipped with large a diameter threaded mechanisms to engage the bonnet and pressure seal gasket. It is very well known in industry that large diameter threads are extremely troublesome during maintenance especially in high temperature applications where over time oxides develop in the threads rendering them almost impossible to separate. The new SB design of forged pressure seal is the "small-bore valve with big bore advantages”. This innovation incorporates features normally reserved for large bore pressure seals into this neat yet accessible package. Its accessible and very maintenance friendly. PK have adapted the conventional large diameter valve bonnet draw bolt mechanism into this small-bore design. The innovation made possible by reversing the conventional draw bolts mechanism into a jacking bolt design


The SB Series Body has internally machined Obturator guides that are more accurate and less problematic than the conventional welded guides.
Welded guides can break due to stress and vibration or even corrosion and could result in parts ending up in the process. Guide failure can also result in the valve jamming.
Precision machined guides result in less obturator vibration. Poor Quality guiding causes damage to the seating surfaces.
SB Series innovation is in accurate machining, resulting in the obturator being held steady and in the desired position.


The Body to Yoke mating surface is equipped with a Centering Shoulder that serves as a guide to the Jacking Ring.
The shoulder captures the Jacking Ring thus preventing misalignment during assembly and retains the Ring in position while the jacking bolts apply the initial force to the bonnet and pressure seal gasket

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