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Ball Valve

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Emergency Sealant Injection System

The sealant injection system located on the body can be utilized in case of emergencies, o-ring damage, or if stem leakage occurs.

Fire Safe Design

In case of fire accident inside the valve , seals and seat inserts are melted and then a metal to metal seat is made between the metallic seat and the ball ensuring degree internal sealing tightness. All o-ring are also disappeared and only graphite back-up rings remain in seats and valve stem, making the valve tight for leakages to the atmosphere.

Automatic Cavity Pressure Relief

The pressure – actuated seat construction , used in trunnion ball valve ensures positive relief of excess of valve central cavity pressure. If valve central cavity pressure exceeds a pre-set pressure in the seat, the seat assembly will automatically back – off to relieve the excess of pressure.

DBB, Double Block and Bleed (Optional )

Double block and bleed procedures can be performed. With the valve under pressure, the body cavity may be vented or drained to the atmosphere through the bleed valve.

Blow-Out Proof Stem

Stem is made separately from the ball, blow-out proof design. The lower end of the stem is designed with an integral collar to be blowout-proof

Heavy Duty Bearings

Heavy duty bearings balance the pressure load on the ball by reducing friction between ball and seat resulting in smooth and easy operation of valve.

Lubricant / Emergency Seat Seal

Special sealants may be injected into fittings that are located on the adapter flanges to restore sealing integrity if seat sealing surface is damaged.


At the design stage, All product of PK Valve are designed using 3D modeling program and stress analysis computer program such as ANSYS ,MIDAS. so it can be improved quality.

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