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We will deliver the best value based on reliability and quality.

Respected clients and shareholders,

Starting as “Busan Pokum Ind. Company,” we have focused on the development of the valve industry based on our entrepreneurship that prioritizes “reliability” and “quality” and have succeeded in producing nuclear valves, cryogenic valves, and high-temperature and high-pressure valves with our own technology.
We are currently supplying high value-added industrial valves to various industries, such as oil refineries, petrochemistry, nuclear power, gas and LNG, desalination facilities, and maritime development.
With abundant expertise, we have secured an incomparable competitive edge in the operation of integrated production systems. We established our own research centers and material research institutes for the first time in the domestic valve industry. With top-notch competitiveness in the market, we have developed 76-inch gate valves as well as the world’s largest 88-inch gate valves. We are producing and supplying them as a front runner, leading in quality and technology in the domestic valve market. Now, we are firmly determined to pioneer a new path to become the world’s top-class valve manufacturer. We will quickly meet increasing customer demand by building the 2nd Haman Factory and expanding the existing materials plant.
We will also rapidly respond to changes in the global environment by reorganizing ourselves. In addition, we will lay the ground for future growth and development by establishing a system that allows us to focus on technological development. We appreciate your consistent trust and support for our efforts and transformation. We will do our best to become one of the most respected and beloved companies in the world. We are looking forward to your unwavering support and assistance.
Thank you.

CEO  Chun young-chan

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Headquarter & Factory : Gongdan-ro 80, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyengsangnam-do, Korea 51567
Seoul Office : 13th Floor Signature Tower West, 100 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 04542