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Main Business

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Manufacturing high value-added products and establishing a stable business portfolio

PK Valve is supplying products and services, which satisfy customer demand, through integrated production systems and quality improvement activities by autonomously managing the largest national faculties and all processes that are necessary for valve production, such as design, model manufacturing, mold manufacturing, casting, post-processing, production, and testing. PK Valve is building portfolios about high value-added products in the nuclear and LNG industries and is standing out in the energy-related sectors that are becoming more significant. Through constant R&D investment and the world’s best quality management system, PK Valve will not be complacent about its position as a domestic valve leader, but strive to become a global valve leader.

  • Power Plant

    Power Plant NCSSS, BOP,Cogeneration Plant, CCPP

  • Cryegenic Service

    Cryegenic Service LNG Receiving, Terminal,LNG FPSO, LNG Carrier

  • Off shore Plant

    Off shore Plant Deep-sea Exploration Resource Systens, Including FPSO, FPU, TLP, Drill Ship

  • Oil & Petrochemical

    Oil & Petrochemical Oil Refineries, ChemicalProduction Facilities, etc


Main Business

PK Valve not only produces and supplies industrial industrial valves but also carrting out the following vusiness

  • 기술지도 및 컨설팅

    Technological Advice and Consulting

  • 신제품 개발

    New Product Development

  • 제조 및 공급

    Production and Supply

  • 진단 및 보수

    Inspection and Advice on Quality

  • 검사 및 품질지도

    Supervision and Attending Test Opearations

  • 감리 및 시운전 입회

    Dianosis and Repair

  • 기타 배관재 공급

    Supplying Other Plumbing Products

  • 대외교육

    Extemal Education


Summary of Prhects

Supplied Products to More than 70 Countries in World


New Distillate Hydrotrator HDS3 ISBL Project Nation : U.K.

Skikda Progect Nation : Algerie

Algeria Omen Fertilizer Project Nation : Algerie

EGP3 Project Nation : Nigeria

KIZOMBA-A FPSO Nation : Angola

REHAB CCCP Nation : Jordan

Jubail Export Refinery Project Nation : Saudi Arabia

Saudi Kayan PP&PH Project Nation : Saudi Arabia

BOG/SRU Project Nation : UAE

QGX, QCS, TG6&U Project Nation : Qatar

South Pars Oil&Gas Project Nation : Iran

Sohar Project Nation : Oman

OPal DFCU & AU Project Nation : India

Gori, Wolseong, Uljin,
Yeonggwang, Shin Gori
and Shin Wolseong
Nuclear Power Plants,
Pyeongtaek, Tongyeong
and Incheon LNG
Unloading and
Production Bases

Nation : Korea

TOC EO/EC Project Nation : Thailand

SPOX Project Nation : Singapore

Kearl Oil Sand Project Nation : Canada

PEMEX Minatitlan Project Nation : Mexico

BP OCC Whitning Project Nation : U.S.

Motiva Crude Expension Project Nation : U.S.

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페이스북 트위터

Headquarter & Factory : Gongdan-ro 80, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyengsangnam-do, Korea 51567
Seoul Office : 13th Floor Signature Tower West, 100 Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 04542