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Making Strides For Sustainable Growth

At present, PK Valve is endeavoring to become a sustainable gobal player by developing the world's largest 88-inch gate valve and opening its own material R&D center

  • 2017 ’

    Ball valve sachean factory open
    Published the PK Valve 70 Years History

  • 2016 ’

    Received “Arts & Business” award in Gyeongnam Mecenat Festival 2016
    Approved Functional Qualification Company by Korea Foundation of Nuclear Safety
    Approved "Facility and Process" by ABS
    Developed CL 2500 Blowdown valve
    70th Anniversary Ceremony

  • 2015 ’

    Supplied forged PS-GATE CL4500 NPS20 A182-F91
    Awarded by Government for "Enterprise of middle standing"
    Supplied the world's largest 92 inch parallel slide gate valve

  • 2014 ’

    Awarded by president for Changwon National Industrial Complex
    Signed agreement for the most desirable company in Gyeongsangnam-Do Province
    Signed track agreement with Gyeongsang and Changwon National Univ
    Certified TUV SIL by SGS
    Awarded the world's largest 92 inch parallel slide gate valve
    Awarded by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for excellent corporation of middle firm

  • 2013 ’

    Awarded by Government for the 12th Fair Tarde Day
    Awarded by Government for excellent labor and management culture company

  • 2012 ’

    Awarded 100 Million Dollar Export Tower on 49th Trade Day
    PK Valve a signed a MOU with Human Resources Development Service of Korea for Employment
    Appointed as excellent company for good labor-management culture by Government.
    Selected as an excellent corporation in Gyeongsangnam-Do Province
    Built second foundry

  • 2011 ’

    Material R&D Center opened
    88-inch gate valve shipped out
    Received CEO of the Year Award from Changwon City
    Received Industry Award on 48th Trade Day

  • 2010 ’

    Received order for 88-inch gate valve
    Signed scholarship agreement with Korea Polytechnic Colleges VII
    Signed land purchasing contract for second plant

  • 2009 ’

    Obtained ASME N and NPT Certification
    Technological Research Institute received Best Research Team of Changwon prize
    Received 18th Grand Industrial Peace Award from South Gyeongsang Province
    Selected by Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power as Leading Benefit Sharing Enterprise of the Year

  • 2008 ’

    Conducted QME-1 test at WYLE Research laboratory for nuclear steam supply system (NSSS) valve
    Designated as leading enterprise in profitability improvement by Ministry of Knowledge Economy

  • 2007 ’

    Patented with live load supporting ultra low-temperature butterfly valve
    Received 70 Million Dollar Export Tower Award on 44th Trade Day
    Received Prime Minister’s Commendation at New Technology Commercialization Contest

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Headquarters Gongdan-no 80, Seongsan gu, Changwon-si, Gyengsangnam-do / Seoul Office 501 Cheongrim Building, Samsung Road 96 Road 19, Kangnam-gu, Seoul COPYRIGHT ⓒ 2016 PK VALVE CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED